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Author Topic: Googlewashing:Brodhead Erasing an Embarassing Past  (Read 2470 times)
Sydney Carton
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Googlewashing:Brodhead Erasing an Embarassing Past
« on: December 15, 2008, 12:42:26 PM »

   Googlewashing: Erase Your Embarrassing Past
Edited by  Gary Detman     Created: 2/27/2008 11:50:39 AM    Updated: 2/27/2008 2:46:25 PM

 DENVER, CO -- It's called "Googlewashing" and refers to cleaning up negative information on the Internet.

It could be comments others have posted about you, or embarrassing things you put up yourself.

Now several companies are offering to remove that information, for a fee.

They go by names like ReputationHawk.com, DefendMyName.com and ReputationDefender.com.

ReputationDefender.com claims to have made $2 million deleting negative information from search engines.

The company is based out of California, but doesn't have a phone number.

Some companies charge as little as $10 a month, but others charge as much as $10,000 to $30,000.

Computer expert John Calerdine is skeptical that it works.

"If it's on the Internet, it can be downloaded. Once it's downloaded, it's out there forever," he said.

Calerdine says it's almost impossible to get a search engine like Google to "forget" your most embarrassing moments.

He says the secret is to create so many positive mentions of your name or company on Web sites, blogs and on postings, that the negative information is buried by the search engines.

"You can't get them off the Internet," said Calerdine. "You can bury them a little deeper, but you can't hide them."

A recent article in Wired magazine says more than one out of four hiring managers use search engines to screen prospective employees.

"Once it's up there, it's up there, so don't let it be up there. Use some discretion," said Calerdine.

   I believe a number of us have had this experience both with opponents who delete our materials or,alternatively,bury our google sections in hundreds of repetitions of the same post.It proves we are hitting them where it hurts.
   It appears more than one bigwig in the Duke scandel,notably President Brodhead,are resorting to deletion tactics.It is reported as of this morning that all unfavorable mentions of Brodhead below the sixty or seventy mark have been deleted.
   I regularly  have had the same internet experience(both Google and Yahoo) myself with cultists who literally hate ,among other things,my Yeats and the occult researches(published under other names).At one point I was expanded by over ten pages-some of which I never wrote.As of yesterday I find Google cut me to two and half pages(from over twelve) almost entirely composed of ancient  movie reviews, while at least thirty favorable notices from well known academic and literary figures are blotted out.
  However,by cross-referencing it is possible to recover most of Brodhead and other adverse  Duke material as well as my exposures of charlatenism in Yeats,Theosophy, and A.E.Waite studies.Some of my opponents'  tripe actually got quite knowingly printed in Yeats Annual and  the new edition pf the  English Dictionary of National Biography.But  payback time will come.
Sydney Carton
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Re: Googlewashing:Brodhead Erasing an Embarassing Past
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2008, 01:50:43 PM »

   There are already some 27,000 recorded Google hits for today's  Googlewahing article.
     The dumbing down of America is not yet complete!
Sydney Carton
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Re: Googlewashing:Brodhead Erasing an Embarassing Past
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2008, 03:18:37 PM »


Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Brodhead to faculty & staff: “Duke’s endowment … has declined”

From The Chronicle tonight - - -
Duke's endowment has lost 19 percent of its value as of early December, despite assurances from University officials in recent weeks that Duke's financial situation is secure.

President Richard Brodhead attributed the drop to the ongoing recession and financial turmoil in an e-mail sent to faculty and staff early Wednesday evening and obtained by The Chronicle.

According to the Web site of the Duke University Management Company, which manages Duke's endowment, the value of the endowment June 30 was $6.1 billion. That would put the current value at approximately $4.9 billion.

"Duke is not immune from the powerful forces that are buffeting the economy. Duke's endowment, like virtually every other investment fund, has declined over the past few months," Brodhead wrote in the e-mail. "In addition, research universities such as Duke are also uncertain about the future of other funding sources, including federal research support."

Endowment spending typically comprises 15 percent of Duke's annual budget. Spending policies call for a payout of 5.5 percent of the endowment's three-year average value, and these policies are intentionally structured to compensate for difficult economic times.

In light of the endowment losses, senior administrators will begin drafting plans and recommendations to adjust to lower revenues, Brodhead wrote in the e-mail.

SC: There are still some things which Brodhead and Steel cannot googlewash.If I had good reason to believe(as everyone else does) that my contributions to Duke were going to fight(but,in the end ,inevitably pay) for tens of millions in litigation,I would not contribute one further cent to the Duke coffers until the arrogant poltroons  directly culpable for this legal fiasco heist their hind ends off the BOT and,preferably, beyond the purview of their fellow men.
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