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Author Topic: Crystal Demands Justice-- for Nifong  (Read 2435 times)
Sydney Carton
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Crystal Demands Justice-- for Nifong
« on: October 25, 2008, 01:17:45 PM »

  In her recently "published" memoirs(the  book is actually run off a machine at one copy per internet payment) Crystal throws her Mother Mary (who has, like Crystal, been hospitalized for psychiatric disorders) ,her Father,and her Sister(the one member of the family who has actually done well for herself) all under the communal Bus, but she is sticking by Mike Nifong--sort of.
  "Our Sister and a Goddess"(as the New Black Panthers describe her) states:
   "  With his law license gone, Mike Nifong was vulnerable. He had served Durham for a long time and now on account of me, he was going to have to pay with his career. It did not seem fair and I believe the majority of people who think rationally know what the North Carolina Bar did was well beyond what was necessary or had ever been done in the past. Nevertheless, the forces aligned against the case needed Nifong’s license or there would be no grounds for the law suits that were to come.”

   Apart from the Sister whom Crystal now  admits  that she despises(one of the very few genuinely new pieces of self documentation  contained in her squalid  farrago),just how many of "the majority of people who think rationally" are habitual associates of Ms. Mangum?Why  it is down right irrational  of  this  woman to continue  spewing such utter garbage.

   But she is determined to save Nifong at the cost of throwing the entire North Carolina Bar Association under that Bus along with Momma and Daddy and Big Sister.
   Actually as par for the course, Ms.Mangum is again proving herself a mite addled.The boys won by exactly one vote against her and Nifong before the North Carolina Bar.She and Mike and the people at their websites will never get it through their bull heads that they provoked one of the more exceptionable  reversals in modern legal history.
  Except for that one single vote , Crystal and  Nifong  would still be glutting on their victims as their Durham predecessors  have done for many,many, generations.Ironically,the pair of them went down were confronted by simple moral outrage in a place where neither of them  had never even considered the possibility that  goodness and integrity could  still  prevail.

  Interestingly enough the very first communication  following Crystal's appearance on WRAL(I am told) came  from the Justice for Nifong Committee.This may be madness (Like the Satanic Abuse cases of the early nineties) but this entire prosecution  has been a graphic(at times grotesquely comical) depiction of the mad preying upon the  madnesses of others.But there is method in it.

   However,let Mike and Crystal beware.Should  they and their friends continue ,as did my old acquaintance Madame Defarge, to agitate continually for "Justice" they might eventually be so unfortunate as to attain exactly that.
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