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Title: Nifong Cons Himself A Free Guitar.
Post by: Sydney Carton on March 03, 2009, 06:01:38 PM
   This so-called "Justice 4 Nifong" Committee may be minute in size and mental capacity, but its gullability as we frequently see ,is unlimited.
    They have now bought Mike an "even more valuable" and "more beautiful"guitar to replace one of the three guitars which Mike was compelled to sell to meet a few of the civil (and criminal) liabilities incurred by his manifold sins.(See multiple Nifong threads).
  The Nifongians  further intend to replace all three of his auctioned  instruments.unaware of the fact that Nifong family members have already purchased two of the guitars on their own recognisance.
   They even allege  that  Mike uses his instruments  to sing "the praises of the Lord".
       Mike must be  rather like the Alien  in John Campbell's "Who Goes There?" "Singing the prises of a god it hated,praying to a lord it never knew".
     Well,here is the link.We always enjoy giviing these people another chance to illuminate themselves and it iis understandable that Mike is photographed  laughing at them out of both sides of his mouth.